In the 10 years that I’ve been doing local search marketing and positioning clients as authorities in their respective fields , I’ve never seen a bigger shift and change in local online marketing than I have recently with online reputation.  With Google recently merging 80+ million Google+ business pages with their websites with their respective Google My Business page and online rating, reputation is not only important, it’s essential.  As I highlight in my latest best-selling book, “Demystified – The Business Owner’s Roadmap to More Customers, Clients and Patients Online”, even off line networking has moved online.  In fact, in a recent study we found by, 72% of Buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

And 87% of businesses that are referred, the person who received the referral will go check you out before calling you, and that’s after you were referred.  This is unprecedented.  So  to make it plain as day, it’s not about reputation management, that is just being reactive and is really obsolete.  It’s about being proactive with reputation marketing and actively and intentionally going out and building a 5 Star reputation an then marketing that reputation.

Referral Marketing has Moved Online


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