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About Us

We founded Online Market Domination in early 2007 to respond to the challenges that businesses face to survive and thrive in today’s digital age. Consumers have changed how they make decisions; they go online to find what they need, validate who they buy from and connect more effectively with businesses. We have assembled a talented group of professionals who are passionate about helping business owners stay ahead of the game. It’s a complicated, challenging and fast-moving environment, but we embrace it with great people, great systems and a desire to be world-class in all we do. We love our profession, we enjoy working together and we are motivated to serve.

Who Is Online Market Domination and Why Should You Meet with Us?

  • Founded in 2007, over 17 years of experience and success with internet related services.
  • Business integrity and stability with a proven track record of innovation that is adapting as the internet is evolving.
  • Full-Service Strategy Options – Our team has over 150 years of combined experience in:
    • Local Search Marketing – Dominate Your Google My Business and Maps Listing.
    • Reputation Marketing – Intentionally Build and Market Your 5-Star Reputation.
    • Authority Positioning – Build the Know, Like & Trust Mindset within your prospects’ mind before they even contact you.
    • Social Media Marketing – Connect with your audience and Leverage Your Stellar Reputation and Authority.
  • Relationship – We understand small business and provide a dedicated Digital Marketing Strategist for every client!
  • High retention rate - Our belief in providing real and verifiable value results in a long-term partnership philosophy.
  • Quality Communication – Consistent and open communication and accountability for results through detailed reporting on a monthly basis.
  • Authority Marketing – We make you look like a Rock Star in the online world by positioning you as a Market Leader in your industry which in turn helps businesses grow.

Online Market Domination was founded on the belief that the Internet has forever changed consumer behavior and that you got into business not to compete but to dominate, to crush your competition and be the best in your industry. The fact is the Internet has revolutionized the way prospects are finding your business and we’re leading the way with creativity and innovation and by paying attention to where the internet is going!

Markus Loving

Markus Loving is the visionary Founder and CEO of Online Market Domination, a trailblazing venture he established in 2007. His mission is to guide businesses through the intricate maze of today's digital landscape, ensuring their survival and prosperity.

In a world where consumers have revolutionized their decision-making process, Markus recognized the need for a transformation. People now turn to the internet to find solutions, validate their choices, and create meaningful connections with businesses. Markus's journey is all about enabling these connections.

At the heart of his approach are marketing strategies that make a real difference:

  • Reputation Marketing (online reviews & trust)
  • Authority Marketing (News Releases, Online Radio Interviews, CNN Style Video interviews, and Best Seller Author Campaigns)
  • Social Media Marketing, and Local Google Search Domination.

Markus's journey began in Skokie and Glenview, and he was already ahead of the game, graduating from high school with four computer languages under his belt. He went on to earn a degree in Computer Science and Business Administration from Northern Illinois University.

While some may have followed the corporate path, Markus took a different route, briefly working at CDW, selling computers right out of college. However, it didn't take long for his entrepreneurial spirit to shine. He spent 12 years building a substantial nutritional sales and marketing business that achieved remarkable success, making $2 million a month at its peak.

“There are bold choices and there are easy choices. 

We are not for those who shrink from leading. 

We stand for those in the front of the line — the bold, the visionary, the entrepreneurs and risk-takers

Those who surprise the world by taking a leap into the future."

 Carpe Diem!

The last decade has seen Markus empowering business owners nationwide to establish their authority online. As a best-selling author with his book "Demystified – The Business Owner’s Roadmap To More Customers, Clients & Patients Online," Markus not only talks the talk but walks the walk. He shares his wisdom through speeches and webinars, teaching how to position yourself and your company as market leaders.

But Markus isn't just about business. He's a dedicated father, a skilled martial artist, and a podcast host. Beyond his own success, his true fulfillment comes from coaching and mentoring others, helping them turn dreams into reality and build online empires in an uncertain world.

Our Mission

At Online Market Domination, our mission is to enable businesses to excel within the dynamic digital realm. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver exceptional digital marketing and website development services that meet and surpass our client's needs and aspirations.

Online Market Domination is a digital marketing and online reputation management company that serves clients across the US.