So you want to create the best Facebook page for your business or practice?

Here are 7 Powerful Insider Secrets to creating an Engaging Facebook Business Page.
Having a Facebook page is essential for any small business today, and is a great tool for reaching out to customers and getting direct feedback. And while you’ll need to get a picture and some basic information up in order to get started, you’ll need to do a bit more than that in order to make it the best Facebook page your customers go to that day.

1. Remember that Friday is picture day.
Business Facebook posts which have a picture with them are clicked 54% more of the time than posts that are text only. And even with the popularity of video, pictures are still clicked on 22% more than their moving counterparts. Also, posting them before noon will give them a 65% better chance of being clicked, rather than waiting until after 12:00 p.m. Generally, the worst days of the week of publish status updates are Saturday and Sunday.

2.Talk about them, not you!
Nobody goes to a business’ Facebook page to hear all about how great the business is, their complete history, and the training courses their staff attend. These things are great and may have a place somewhere on your page; but this kind of content should not appear all the time. Customers want to hear about themselves – how you can help them, if you have information that is interesting to them. If not, they’re going to find a company’s page that does. Always remember to think about what your customer wants to hear, rather than what you want to tell them.

3. Old is out, new is in… is intriguing… is just downright interesting.
If you’re still talking about those “new” website upgrades you made in 2012, your customers have lost interest. Or if you keep rehashing old industry news, they’ll get bored of hearing the same thing again and again. Instead, look for new products that you can talk about (but not all the time,) and actual news that’s happening – right now – in your industry. That will keep people coming back, and people liking your page so that they too, can keep in the know.

4. Personality wins, every time.
If it’s a choice between your page, which is filled with facts, statistics, and links with little description as to what they are, and a page that actually interacts with its visitors, replies to comments, and addresses questions and concerns, they’re going to go to the latter every time. Make sure that you’re not only interacting with your visitors, but that you’re doing so in a way that’s actually human and actually shows who you and your company are.

5. It’s still about page ranking.
Remember that Facebook doesn’t generate top results and page ranking it Google – it generates great results! And, some experts even say that in five years, more people will be “Facebooking” to find information rather than “Googling” it. Either way, because you’ll get such high search results, it’s important that you use keywords in your status updates, on your wall, in your information section, and anywhere else you can.

6. Use a profile picture – and a cover picture.
facebook-cube-logo In March 2012, Facebook changed over to the much improved Timeline format. With this new style, you can have both a profile picture, which is much smaller than before, and a cover picture, which is much bigger than before. The best news in all of it is that it gives you a chance to give people two images of your company and brand when they visit, and not just one. Make sure you always take advantage of these features, and that you change them regularly.

7 Powerful Insider Secrets to an Engaging Facebook Business Page

7. It’s okay to be vain.
At least in the way of your Facebook page’s URL. When you first create your page, you’ll be given a somewhat long and awkward URL link – hard to remember, and hard to promote. Get 25 Likes though, and you’ll be able to go into your profile, into your username page, and change the URL of your page to what’s called a “vanity URL.” So your Facebook page address could go from being,to something much simpler and cleaner,


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