Now that you have been getting your business Facebook Timeline page set up with compelling content and search engine optimized posts, information and pages, it is time to start campaigning to get more Followers. There are two rules of thought for finding followers and the most successful campaigns will more than likely lean somewhere in the middle. Considering the industry your business is in will help you determine where your focus will be the most successful.

One rule of thought says the more Followers the better, and while this could be true for increasing the number of intra-links back to your business Facebook Timeline page, having a couple thousand followers who do not interact, engage or have an interest in your products and services are not going to increase your conversion rates or help build your business. The other rule of thought for getting more Followers for your business Facebook Timeline page is that you should focus completely on your target market because they will be the ones that will end up interacting with your page, because your products and services are interesting to them. They will also be most likely to convert into customers and help increase your business profits.

Ideally, you want to position your efforts someone in the middle of those two schools of thoughts about business Facebook Timeline page Followers. While you want to focus efforts toward appealing to your target market, the general public can become a great way to get information about your product and services to those who will fall into your target market. They will also create the intra-links within Facebook that will create more weight in the search engines, and boost your ratings in your Followers news feeds.
An example of considering who to target to gain Followers for your business Facebook Time page could be if you own a dog grooming service. The target market for your business would obviously be dog owners. However, there are many people in the general population that do not own dogs. Most people know someone who does own a dog though who they could refer your business to, or help your business become exposed to. Also, since you are a primarily local business, the bulk of your customers are going to be local patrons, unless you sell dog grooming supplies online. With this in mind, keeping your focus on building a local following, regardless of whether or not the Followers are dog owners could bring some welcome referrals your way.

When you have an idea of the markets you want to most focus on, you can start to create strategies to help encourage people to become Followers of your business Facebook Timeline page. The worst thing you could do is start posting “Like My Page” everywhere. With this in mind, when you consider using the “Suggest Your Page to Friends” feature on Facebook, do not just choose all your personal Facebook friends and spam them with the information. Choose friends that are all ready customers or would have a relevant reason to “Like” your page. Adding a personal note to your request is also helpful so people do not feel that you have randomly spammed them about your business Facebook Timeline Page.

Acceptable ways to invite people to become Followers to your business Facebook Timeline Page would be to include an invitation in your email newsletter or other email activities that you pursue. A blog post announcing your new Timeline page and inviting people to visit it is another acceptable way of encouraging people to become Followers. You can also add your Timeline page URL to business cards, fliers, sales circulars or even product packaging with a quick “Visit us on Facebook” blurb to invite people to become Followers. Even fast food chains do this on their food packages and it seems to get great results. Other forms of media are also a popular way of advertising your Facebook Timeline presence. This includes television and newspaper advertising.

Using social plugins called widgets on your business website that show your business Facebook Timeline page friends on your own business website will encourage people to click the “Like” button when they see that a good number of people all ready “Like” it. Adding a quick note above the widget asking people to click the “Like” button will further encourage them to take action.

Another popular Facebook feature to add to your own business website to help create engagement with your Timeline page is Facebook comments. With this, people can comment on pages, articles, blog posts, videos or any other content on your site by being logged into their Facebook account. Their comment will show up on your business website and on their Facebook account’s news feeds so their friends see it and might comment too.

Placing Facebook Ads is an affordable way to reach millions of potential Followers. This type of advertising is the most targeted traffic you can get. It is easy to place ads on Facebook too as they walk you through every step of the process to get started.

Another way to get Followers is to link your business Facebook Timeline page to other social media accounts. For example, linking to Twitter will help you cut down on how many social media sites you post at, because they will automatically cross post. You can also edit what gets cross posted such as Status Updates, Photos, Links, Notes and Events to make sure your content stays within your social media marketing strategy.

Make use of the “Share” button and share interesting posts from other Timeline pages you have followed through your business Facebook Timeline page to help gain additional exposure that will encourage others to like your business Timeline page. Make sure to include a question or interesting comment and that whatever you are sharing will appeal to your Followers. This will show up on your page and the “Share” will show up on whoever’s post you shared, giving your Timeline page even more additional exposure.

As you continue to work on getting followers for your business Facebook Timeline Page, you will see that your efforts become easier as the Timeline page popularity grows. People like to “Like” pages that are well liked, so the more Followers you get, the more Followers automatically begin to appear without you having to make as much effort for them.


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