With over 850 million Facebook users, and a projection of having a billion users by the end of this summer, it just makes sense that your business would want to gain exposure by having a Facebook Page. Your business Facebook page is the perfect accompaniment to your business website and is the number one social media networking website that you should focus your social media marketing on.

Going where customers and potential customers go is another important reason why your business should have a Facebook Timeline page. Showing your target market that you are a progressive business, worthy of their patronage is to show them that your business is innovative and can keep up with the times. When customers and potential customers see that you have a Facebook Timeline Page, your business will become immediately viewed as an established business and more viable resource than it would be without one.
The majority of Facebook users check their Facebook accounts everyday and stay logged in to their Facebook account at a minimum of twenty minutes a day, with an impressive number of users that check Facebook consistently throughout the day into the evening. There is simply no better place to establish your brand that will get the same level of attention from the most users than on Facebook.

Facebook users are also all ages and with a broad variety of socio-economic backgrounds. Whether your business targets youth and teens, young adults, middle aged adults, or even senior citizens, you are sure to find millions of potential customers in your target market that use Facebook. With the mix of personal Facebook users, media, other businesses, and even government entities, your business has the gamut of staying engaged with the largest varieties of the population available.

Because of Facebook and other social media sites, people are becoming conditioned to expecting to have a social relationship with businesses they patron. If you are not socially connected, you will not be considered by the majority of social users because they will not feel like they know the personalities behind the business. That “personality behind the business” is becoming much more important to portray in order to win the trust and patronage of new customers. As all marketers know, people prefer to do business with people they know, Facebook is a powerful medium in allowing those important introductions.

With all these important reasons for having a Facebook Timeline page for your business, including increased exposure and advanced engagement opportunities, it just makes sense to put the time and effort forth into creating a Facebook Timeline page for your business.


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